Saturday, 14 June 2008

Jessops School of Photography - Making a start in portrait photography

I have been on the Introduction to Flash and Studio Portrait course today in Leicester at the Jessops School of Photography.

I have to say that for £75.00 I really did not know what to expect from the course however I am pleased to feedback that it was well worth it and money well spent.

I have been eager to get to play with some studio equipment for ages and this seemed like the ideal oppurtunity. After approx 2.5 hours of theory in the morning, with demonstrations of how to effectively light a model, eliminate shadow and soften the highlights we were let rip for the best part of 2 hours on two models. The models were both very easy to work with, and naturaly sprung into various poses without much prompting. Which was great as I was a little nervous (not sure why!!!).

I have come away from the course thinking that there is now a whole new genre of photography to delve into, and a whole new load of equipment to buy!!!

All in all I would thoroughly recommend the course.

I have posted one of the pictures I have quickly cleaned up to get an idea of the results.

Jessops School Of Photography - Cassie1 - Post Processing

If you would like to see any more images then please follow the link to my flickr set below:

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Magical Moments

Yesterday marked a momentous ocassion in my life. I could finally tell everyone that I was going to be a dad (for the first time).

Whilst messing around trying to get a photo of 'the test' I though of the following idea...

I know that it isn't to everyones taste but I like it because it captures three magical moments in my life in one photograph.