Monday, 1 December 2008

50mm Nikkor f1.8

I picked up a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 a few weeks ago and although I haven't really used it much I love the shall DoF it provides and think I am going to enjoy using this lots over the next few months.

Here is just a quick 'messing around' shot I grabbed of my wife the other day.

Lady of leisure

One think I know that I will have to be more conscience of is selecting the point of focus as there is little room for error once you move into the higher apertures.

First 'Solo' Studio Session

After much deliberation I finally plucked up the courage to hire a studio for the day. I had the motivation of only having a few weeks until my first born is due to drive me on. I wanted an image that my wife and I could look at in years to come and cherish. The easy choice would have been to go to somewhere such as 'Venture' and pay through the nose for what would probably be a lovely photograph. The more difficult option but ultimately more rewarding would be to try and create my own photograph.

I hired the studio in Calumet Photographic (Manchester) due to the very reasonable cost of £50.00 per day for the studio & £25.00 per day for lighting (All prices do not include VAT). Not having seen the studio beforehand I didn't know what to expect. On arrival I have to admit I was disappointed. I was shown to a lecture room with studio rigging to one side but the room was cold and untidy. Ten minutes later I was greeted by the rental staff who were very apologetic and immediately offered to discount the cost of hire and get the place tidied immediately. There are a couple of pictures below showing the setup.

I had made it clear when I booked the studio that I wanted to be left to my own devices as much as possible. After a short run through of the two Bowens strobes and the smaller one providing hair light the staff left me to it.

600+ shots later (five hours in total) and I came away a happy man. After much trial and error I came away with a short list of about 40 photographs with about 6 that I would have bought had we have gone to a pro studio.

I went in with the intention of getting lots of Hi-Key images, and although we did do these I think the ones with the grey background (no back light) and the Lo-Key images (black material draped over paper stand) work better.

All in all I walked away from the day having thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with a new found career in mind!!!! Let me know what you think of some of the images below. This represents just a small selection of the images taken.

Maternity Shoot Portrait Maternity Portrait

Maternity Portrait Two