Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Extreme Windburn!! And another lesson learnt

So I finally got to go out again at the weekend and get some use out of my new Manfrotto 055 XDB tripod. The choice was either Llanberis/Snowdonia or New Brighton. On paper there seems no contest however as there were extreme weather warnings I didn't fancy a drive all the way back to Snowdon only to find that the weather was too blustery to do anything. New Brighton was only down the road and for a while I have wanted to go and take a look at Perch Rock Lighthouse.

The new tripod did a great job considering; the wind was pretty relentless but the tripod stayed stable enough (without additional weight) to create sharp images.

No Frills Lighthouse

Windburn Central!!

It wasn't until later in the day that I realised that I would pay a price for being on the beach in these conditions. Throughout the day my face gradually got redder and redder and hotter and hotter!! By the end of the day it looked like I had been on a tropical holiday not a morning trip to New Brighton.

One more lesson learnt - Always protect face with some form of wind barrier before going out in stormy conditions, either that or stay in bed!!!

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