Saturday, 3 January 2009

An Incredible December.....

It has been a while since I update my blog, but then I always knew that this month (December) would be all over the place and I would be very lucky to get any photography done.

December was always going to be an exciting month for me. My wife was due to give birth to out first child. She was due on the 20th but didn't actually give birth until the 29th December. It was well worth the wait! Being a father is a better feeling than I could ever have imagined.

At five days old Jacob Rhys is already getting used to the constant glare of daddy's camera.

Jacob One Day Old

Oh, and as well an becoming a dad I was accepted to provide images to I am not entirely sure if this is a viable outlet for the images that I take, but it was nice to know that the images that I submitted are of a high enough quality/standard to be accepeted.

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